Vampires Suck – August 2010

The movie Vampires Suck is a spoof making fun of Vampire movies – the one vampire movie that they target the most is Twilight and the consecutive movies. The best thing about this movie is the previews – they make this movie look super funny – this is the reason I went to see the movie.
I will say that the movie is good. But it did not live up to the movie preview – there were some funny parts and some way over the top parts. They took the sexual aspect way too far and not in a good way there were many inappropriate comments made by the father toward the daughter and about his blow-up doll. The vampire stuff was way over the top as well….
The best part of the movie was how they fixed all the worst things about Twilight and the following movies. They made Bella a leather wearing girl who wanted sex bad – and Edward had a purity ring so he could not sleep with her. They changed Bella into a vampire at the end – which the Twilight movies should have done – way sooner than they did.
The funniest things were - Jacob kept taking off his shirt, and they said Edward had a constipated look all the time. Then team Jacob and Edward kept fighting throughout the whole movie – the funniest part is at the end when a girl from team Jacob attacks Edward… Watch the movie to find out what is so funny!!!

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